How to Find a Onesie that Represents Your Child’s Inner Spirit Animal

How to Find a Onesie that Represents Your Child’s Inner Spirit Animal

How to Find a Onesie that Represents Your Child’s Inner Spirit Animal

How to Find a Onesie that Represents Your Child’s Inner Spirit Animal

Spirit animals are a way to help us connect with nature and deeper meanings in life. Also known as totem animals, these guides aren’t just here for adults, however. You might be wondering what your child’s inner spirit animal might be.

Though it can be hard to figure out your baby’s spirit animal, there are some personality traits that can be used to decipher their unique totem. Here are just a few of the different animals that could be associated with your little one.


Cats are pretty stubborn animals, so if that’s your kid, you might’ve just discovered their inner spirit animal! While cats are often considered fickle creatures, they also possess a lot of crafty characteristics that make this spirit animal a powerful one. From knowing when to rest and balance life’s demands to being self-reliant and thoughtful, we think having the cat as one’s spirit animal is a pretty good one!



The fish isn’t just for Pisces (but if your kid is a Pisces, even better!) The fish spirit animal symbolizes hope, good choices, and even psychic powers. Sound like your kid? Then maybe the fish is their spirit animal!


Does your kid follow a different path from other kids? Maybe they’ve had some unique experiences in their young life, or they just simply do things their own way. Well, we have news for you. The wolf spirit animal stands for freedom, deep intellect, and stamina. In other words, it’s the perfect spirit animal for your wild child!


Snakes might seem like a dangerous or even bad spirit animal, but the just have a bad rap. The snake spirit animal symbolizes change, transformation, and even healing. Having a child certainly is a big change that can take on new meanings for parents, so it makes sense that your kid’s spirit animal might be the snake.

Baby Fox

Is your child sly and cheeky, with playful, intelligent eyes? If so, then it’s likely that their spirit animal is the ever-witty fox!


Nothing knocks your kid down, at least not for long! Your kid is a powerhouse of strength, determination, and endless freedom to do as they like. This might mean that the horse spirit animal is their guide.


Does your child squawk like a dinosaur and seem ancient? Perhaps they’re simply in tune with that deep t-rex spirit that lives on as their guide. There’s only one way to find out. Help them tap into that inner spirit animal with an outfit to match.


Okay, so maybe unicorns aren’t technically a spirit animal. But, they’re certainly animals in spirit, right? We think so! If your child is simply too unique to be a “real” animal, then it’s time to embrace that notion that their spirit animal is as unique as they are!

See for Yourself!

If you’re ready to test out your child’s compatibility with these different spirit animals, why not try putting them in one of our onesies and seeing if they start to manifest a connection with their inner spirit animal

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