Cute Onesies - Always A Mom’s Choice

Cute Onesies - Always A Mom’s Choice

Cute Onesies - Always A Mom’s Choice

Going into a baby store can either be a pleasure, or it can be overwhelming. A complete baby store will have baby furniture, baby clothes, and books and toys. A savvy shopper would go in well prepared with a list and focus on the particular items. But, even a savvy shopper can get distracted and wander into attractive and colorful aisles. It will probably come as a surprise when they reach the checkout counter to see that they have several items in addition to that original list! Shopping for babies is just that much fun.

Origin Of Onesies

Gone are the days when shopping for a new baby had only an option between pink or blue. From a time when infants were simply swaddled with a warm cloth or shawl, there came a time when they were put into a onesie. Onesies have been around since the 1800s. At that time, it was more loungewear or nightwear and not necessarily worn by infants. It is only later that onesies became used to keep babies warm.

What’s So Great About Onesies

Baby onesies come in incredible designs, cute and funny.  It is a single garment and very useful to slip them on over a diaper. They are also very popular among new mothers as washing baby clothes can be time-consuming, and new moms have little time or energy to spare! Be it summer or winter, these onesies can be worn. Winter brings out warm and fleece-lined onesies to keep the babies snug. Summer brings out cooler and lighter onesies.

Types of Onesies

There could even be designer onesies with the penchant for creating designer labels of all types of clothes and accessories. A onesie, also known as an infant bodysuit, is worn as an outer garment or innerwear. Generally, onesies have a lap neck to make it easy to slip over a baby’s head. Onesies can be sleeveless or have a half or full sleeve. They have snaps in the crotch area that make it easy to change a diaper without removing the entire outfit.

Onesies come in a variety of delightful colors and are adorned with baby-friendly prints. Of course, it is not the infant that recognizes the print or the story behind it such as a T-Rex or a Unicorn. That type of print is more usually a mom’s choice. Nevertheless, bright colors and cutely printed add an amusing yet loving twist to dressing an infant.

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