4 Types of Clothes every Baby Should Own

4 Types of Clothes every Baby Should Own

Buying clothes for a newborn baby is undoubtedly exciting, but it can also be very stressful. The clothing items must be easy to wear, comfortable, breathable, and able to handle the many rounds of laundry they will go through in a week. And let’s not forget they have to be adorable and cute.

But with everything you have to do before the baby comes, the chances are high that you will forget some crucial essentials. For that reason, we have made a list of essential baby clothes every child should have, at least for the first year of their life.


Affectionately known as onesies, these infant bodysuits are a must-have for newborns. Because of the envelope-style neck, it’s easy to pull them over the baby’s delicate head when wearing and taking them off. A onesie also goes snugly between the legs, holding the diaper in place and straightening the baby’s silhouette for other clothes.

Most onesies are made of breathable cotton fabric and make the perfect item to wear beneath all the other outfits. They are also perfect for when it’s too hot, and all you need is one item of clothing on.


Pajamas, footies, sleepers-all names associated with cozy one-piece outfits that every kid must-have. It is warm, comfortable to wear or take off, and makes for an easy diaper change. While the outfit was designed for sleeping, it’s also perfect for day-to-day wear, especially before the baby learns how to play. During those days when it’s freezing, sleepers keep the baby warm without you putting them under the weight of too many clothes or blankets.

Kimono Tops

When babies are young, pulling a t-shirt over their heads is one of the scariest things a parent can do. Kimono tops come with side snaps or ties, which means you get to completely avoid the head, not to mention the hanging umbilical cord.

Soon enough, parents realize that diapers are not as full-proof as they are deemed to be. When this mess leaks all over the baby’s back, a kimono top is perfect because you can take it off without smearing their bodies with poop. The cute tops come in short and long sleeves, so the baby can wear them as a top or a sweater when it’s a bit warm.


No baby should go through their first year of life without rompers. These one-piece bubbles are a complete outfit with top and bottom, but the crotch area has snaps, making diaper change very easy. Unlike sleepers, rompers are not too warm, so that babies can wear them all the time.

Wearing a romper means fewer clothing items and extreme comfort, even if the baby wants to kick their legs or play around. Today, you can find very fashionable rompers, making them an ideal outfit for playdates, outings, photoshoots, and even family gatherings.

Parenting is hard and incredibly time-consuming. These four clothing essentials make it easier to dress your child fashionably without spending hours putting outfits together. More importantly, they make for less laundry every day.

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